Video modules and add-ons

Learn more about Genetec's Omnicast video surveillance solution

  • Security Center Omnicast IP video surveillance

    Security Center Omnicast IP video surveillance

    Security Center Omnicast empowers organizations large and small to protect and secure their people, assets, and facilities.

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  • Get the full picture with the Genetec Mobile app

    Get the full picture with the Genetec Mobile app

    Learn about our new mobile app that will be released with Security Center 5.8.

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  • Security Center Cloud brochure

    Security Center Cloud brochure

    Manage your security environment, not your infrastructure

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  • Security Center POS Integration

    Security Center POS Integration

    Synchronize and search video with POS transaction history.

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  • Plan Manager de Security Center

    Plan Manager de Security Center

    Voyez tout ce qui se passe en contexte

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  • Real-time monitoring with Plan Manager6:15

    Real-time monitoring with Plan Manager

    Plan Manager allows you to monitor security devices and respond to events in real-time using dynamic multi-level maps.

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  • Federation


    Bénéficiez d’une vue globale de l’ensemble de vossites et découvrez des méthodes optimales pour sécuriser votre entreprise.

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  • Sipelia™ Communications Management

    Sipelia™ Communications Management

    SIP-based communications within Security Center. Manage conversations between operators without leaving your security interface.

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  • KiwiVision Privacy Protector

    KiwiVision Privacy Protector

    Renforcement de la sécurité et protection de la vie privée

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  • KiwiVision Security Video Analytics

    KiwiVision Security Video Analytics

    Automate security and respond faster to critical events. KiwiVision video analytics feature note. Automating video management for greater security and operational efficiency.

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  • Automating maintenance with Camera Integrity Monitor1:32

    Automating maintenance with Camera Integrity Monitor

    Your cameras are your eyes in the field. Make sure they are operational and effective at all times with the KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor. With this unified module, your operators are notified

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  • KiwiVision Camera Integrity Monitor

    KiwiVision Camera Integrity Monitor

    Empower your operators with actionable information for security and maintenance tasks

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  • Configuration of Security video analytics2:19

    Configuration of Security video analytics

    With this core module, your entire video surveillance system is now on the lookout. It helps you identify individuals, vehicles and objects, and analyze their behavior. It detects potential threats an

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  • KiwiVision Privacy Protector unified module1:16

    KiwiVision Privacy Protector unified module

    KiwiVision® Privacy Protector® unified module allows you to monitor your environment while maintaining the privacy of individuals with the. To learn more:

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  • Unified security with KiwiVision video analytics2:16

    Unified security with KiwiVision video analytics

    See how KiwiVision™ video analytics adds intelligence to security monitoring, helping operators react more quickly to an incident.

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