Driving parking enforcement efficiency

June 17, 2014

The Firefly® Essential Service Vehicle (ESV)

Parking enforcement vehicles are driven an average of 40 hours per week. Factor in the extra starts and stops inherent to parking enforcement and your fuel efficiency will be far from optimal. Because of this high usage, the specific vehicle chosen for the task can have a relatively large impact on the fleet operator's fuel and maintenance costs. And with municipalities and institutions' growing concerns for the environment, emissions are also becoming a growing factor.    

Firefly equipped with AutoVu

The Firefly® Essential Service Vehicle (ESV) is the only 100% electric, zero-emissions vehicle designed to meet the demands of parking enforcement. It is the dependable workhorse that allows parking enforcement officers to complete their jobs efficiently and effectively. The Firefly is virtually maintenance free, which significantly reduces operating costs.

Genetec and Good Earth have recently announced the compatibility of the Firefly and Genetec's AutoVu LPR solution. As part of the testing process, we've installed two AutoVu SharpX units on the cabin of a Firefly vehicle, and connected an AutoVu LPR processing unit on the vehicle's electric circuit. A rugged laptop was also mounted inside the cabin, allowing PEOs easy access to LPR data.

We have been touring the test vehicle at industry events for several months now. Visitor response has been outstanding. As electric vehicles begin to capture a growing share of the parking enforcement fleet market, combining the Firefly and Genetec AutoVu offers the best in fuel and enforcement efficiency.

The City of Santa Monica's Fleet Superintendent Rick Sikes talks about why his city chose the Firefly:

Increased efficiency; low-maintenance reliability; and industry leading technology:  These three phrases describe both Genetec AutoVu and the Firefly ESV. They make a powerful combination for municipalities, universities, and corporations looking to boost the performance and ROI of their parking enforcement fleets.

The Firefly is manufactured by Forth Worth, Texas-based eFleets Corporation (OTCQB:EFLT).

To view the Firefly in motion please visit: http://evtaas.com/work/firefly-esv/

For more information about the Firefly contact:

James R. Emmons President  & CEO
eFleets Corporation
817-616-3161 x 102

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