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  • Increase parking enforcement efficiency in time-limited zones2:58

    Increase parking enforcement efficiency in time-limited zones

    Have your parking enforcement officers cover more ground with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). Your enforcement officers will be able to enforce any type of time-limit, including same space

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  • Improve parking experience with Pay-by-Plate4:20

    Improve parking experience with Pay-by-Plate

    Leave drivers in your area happy with a Pay-by-Plate parking experience. With Pay-by-Plate, drivers can pay for parking using pay-stations or mobile apps, or purchase long-term permits. Using ALPR, yo

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  • Gateless off-street parking enforcement with AutoVu Free-Flow5:49

    Gateless off-street parking enforcement with AutoVu Free-Flow

    Guide your parking enforcement officers to the lots where they are needed using automatic license plate recognition. AutoVu Free-Flow let’s you know who is in all your lots and whether they are allowe

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  • Enhancing parking enforcement efficiency10:46

    Enhancing parking enforcement efficiency

    Automatic license plate recognition improves the efficiency of your parking enforcement activities, allowing your officers to cover more ground and improve compliance with local parking regulations. S

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  • Unified security with intrusion monitoring4:59

    Unified security with intrusion monitoring

    Leverage Security Center to monitor intrusion panels within the same client application as your Genetec access control and video surveillance solutions. Enjoy the benefits of unification and greater s

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  • Security Center unified security platform1:59

    Security Center unified security platform

    Start seeing the bigger picture with a comprehensive security platform, Genetec Security Center.

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  • RSA add-on unifies laser- and radar-based systems and devices in Genetec Security Center2:26

    RSA add-on unifies laser- and radar-based systems and devices in Genetec Security Center

    Through its RSA (Restricted Security Area) Surveillance module, the Genetec Security Center unified platform integrates with a growing array of RSA technology and devices, such as radar and laser-base

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  • Genetec Retail Sense3:36

    Genetec Retail Sense

    Make real-time informed decisions and increase both consumer engagement and in-store profitability with Genetec Retail Sense.

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  • GTS DemoVideo18:18
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  • Synergis: HID Mobile Access1:46

    Synergis: HID Mobile Access

    You can now efficiently assign mobile credentials with the new HID Mobile Access® portal integration in Security Center 5.7

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  • KiwiVision Privacy Protector unified module1:16

    KiwiVision Privacy Protector unified module

    Monitor your environment while maintaining the privacy of individuals with the KiwiVision® Privacy Protector® unified module. Available with Security Center 5.7.

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  • Unified security with KiwiVision video analytics2:16

    Unified security with KiwiVision video analytics

    See how KiwiVision™ Video Analytics adds intelligence to security monitoring, helping operators react more quickly to an incident.

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  • Visual reporting3:08

    Visual reporting

    Reporting tasks now include dynamic charts and graphs to help you visually interpret and understand your data. Available with Security Center 5.7.

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  • Quick Search tool0:58

    Quick Search tool

    Description: The new Quick Search tool helps you target your video search to get faster results. Available with Security Center 5.7.

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  • Genetec Clearance collaborative investigation management1:01

    Genetec Clearance collaborative investigation management

    The increase in the amount of evidence gathered from surveillance systems, body cameras, and civilians can help solve crimes. However, it also presents new challenges for the investigation process.

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  • Genetec Citigraf1:42

    Genetec Citigraf

    Genetec Citigraf™ is a decision support system that unifies public safety operations across city departments through situational awareness and the proper dissemination of information.

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  • Protecting the everyday1:42

    Protecting the everyday

    Our tools and solutions extend beyond physical security to contribute to the betterment of the daily lives of citizens.

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  • Security Center Web Client: Monitoring3:26

    Security Center Web Client: Monitoring

    Access core monitoring functions from the web with the Security Center Web Client. Remotely view video surveillance, control PTZ cameras, and export video.

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  • Community Connect1:10

    Community Connect

    Community Connect™ is the Genetec framework that facilitates public-private collaboration to improve urban safety.

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  • Unlock intelligence3:25

    Unlock intelligence

    Leverage your security system for business efficiency

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