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Where’s the parking industry headed?

Highlights from IPI and a Market Survey

2nd Place IPI Poster SessionTo the every-day car commuter, parking is routine. To the cities, universities and parking operators, it's an ever-evolving service business that requires constant re-evaluation, planning and strategy.

That's why, every year, the world of parking flocks to the International Parking Institute (IPI) exhibition. As regular supporters and exhibitors at the event, we are always pleased with the turn-out, and this year in Las Vegas was no exception. We met with new and existing customers, mingled with tech partners and thought leaders, let customers try the latest advancements to our AutoVu automatic license plate recognition system, and even won a few awards:

Customer Feedback on the Future of Parking

3rd Place IPI Booth

One of the best aspects of attending shows such as IPI is hearing about the challenges and feedback about parking from the people who manage it every day. As a customer-oriented organization, we are always eager to engage with clients. It's a learning opportunity, one that helps us improve our solutions. 

This is why we recently partnered with Parking Today Magazine to conduct a survey. We invite you to read the full editorial titled "The Insider's Perspective: ALPR, The Future of Parking", but here's a sneak peek of the results: 49% of respondents said they believe that they are capturing under 25% of parking violators with current enforcement methods. 30% of respondents also estimated that 1 in every 5 vehicles using their parking services are likely in violation. 

It is not a surprise then that that 70% of the people interviewed said they plan on implementing automatic number plate recognition system within one to three years. 

To read the full article in Parking Today Magazine, click here and flip to page 52. Be sure to let us know what your thoughts and comments are on the findings.

Click below to view the infographic that we submitted for the 2015 IPI poster session (it won 2nd place!). 

Parking in the City of Fort Lauderdale Infographic
(click on the image to download)