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Genetec Streamvault wins 2022 CyberSecured Award for Enterprise Security

The Genetec StreamvaultTM line of appliances won a 2022 CyberSecured Award by Security Today in the Enterprise Security category. The CyberSecured Awards honor outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered particularly noteworthy in the transformation of cybersecurity.

The Streamvault line includes storage, workstations, analytics, and all-in-one appliances that help organizations design a system to meet their unique project requirements. Every appliance is pre-validated and preloaded with the GenetecTM Security Center unified platform to help customers centralize their security operations. The complete Streamvault line of appliances is designed to minimize exposure to cyber threats. Each appliance is pre-hardened to meet the latest cybersecurity standards. With more than 200 security settings pre-configured, each appliance is as secure as possible, right out of the box. 

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