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5 reasons retailers are moving to cloud-based surveillance

Retail surveillanceHave you ever seen a retail store without some form of video surveillance? Likely not. For most brick-and-mortar retailers, video surveillance systems are a must-have to protect staff, customers, and assets. The challenge? The cost of buying and installing cameras and servers adds up. Sometimes, it’s more realistic to keep equipment than invest in new technology.

A cloud approach can be a cost-effective way to transform disparate infrastructure into one consolidated IT environment. This helps retailers respond faster and more efficiently to customer needs.

Take for example, leapp, a technology retail chain in the Netherlands. When the retailer began expanding their locations, they needed an easy-to-use, affordable, and scalable video monitoring solution. By opting for a cloud-based solution, they were able to bundle all cameras, software licenses, and maintenance into a low monthly fee.

Here are a few more ways that leapp, and other retailers, benefit from moving to the cloud.

  1. Predictable monthly costs - With cloud-based surveillance, it’s easy to budget and plan for growth. For each new location, managers can quickly determine the number of required cameras and the monthly costs for the entire system. 
  2. Affordable central monitoring - If there are multiple locations, owners or managers can monitor all video systems from a central location. A cloud-based service can facilitate central monitoring of multiple sites. 
  3. Easy remote investigations - If an alarm goes off, regional managers can quickly access video from a mobile phone or computer. The interface is easy to use so they’ll be able to find the video in seconds and securely export the evidence. 
  4. Impressive operational value - With remote viewing from a phone, retailers can show prospective landlords and investors what stores look like and how they operate. Managers use video to train employees or better understand customers and how they shop. 
  5. Resilient cybersecurity - Cloud services are built with the highest-level security mechanisms to ensure data and video are always safe and available. Retailers also regularly receive updates with new features that make sure it stays that way. Read more.

Leapp now have 16 locations and counting, all running on a cloud-based video monitoring system. Want to know how they did it? Read the full story here.