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Advanced Technical Certification courses for Security Center 5.1

By now, you've probably had a sneak peek at the powerful new features in Security Center 5.1.  And there are many!  For the past few months, I've had the privilege of test-driving 5.1's new high-end functionalities, and believe me: the only thing better than seeing what's new, is trying 5.1 for yourself! This is why our technical training program for integrators, consultants and IT professionals has always been centered on building up a live system from beginning to end, standard to enterprise.

Genetec understands that the job of a busy system integrator is never done. Our goal is to equip you with the understanding & tools to give your projects the best chance to succeed, on-time and within-budget. This is why we continually strive to make our Technical Certification program an investment with high returns. In order to offer you the most flexibility and choice in charting a training path for your team, I'm pleased to announce simplifications to our standard training courses, as well as a new advanced level of technical certification, available for both video & access control.

The new Advanced Technical Certification courses (SC-OTC-002, SC-STC-002) are geared towards multi-server and multi-site projects. At 2½ days each, these courses focus on Security Center's power-features, including: 3rd party integration (plugins)federating remote sites, standby/failover (high-availability), advanced video streaming, and global cardholder synchronization, just to name a few. These courses are designed to help you leverage all that Security Center has to offer.

With the introduction of advanced courses, it was equally important for us to keep the initial route to certification as quick and effective as possible. This is especially true if your project (or first phase of your project) involves only a single-server. Basic Technical Certification courses (SC-OTC-001, SC-STC-001) covering video & access control are now only 2 days each -- without any prerequisite course. This includes everything you need to deploy: camera & door configuration, motion detection, network & streaming optimization, access rules & cardholder configuration, reporting, maintenance and lot more. We've already begun offering 4-day combination weeks in our 2012 training calendar.

Whether you decide to attend a live training session at one of our training locations, follow a web-based upgrade training, or opt for a customized training session at your location, we know you'll find our hands-on training engaging and enriching. Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors can't wait to help you build your first Security Center 5.1 system.