Automating vehicle access control with ALPR

LPR Access Control Gate

License plate recognition (LPR) is an increasingly hot topic. As one of the most mature video analytics technology on the market, users have been getting increasingly creative in their use of LPR, but one of the most popular application we are seeing these days is also one of the most straightforward: automatic vehicle access control.

Using a pole-mounted LPR unit, you can automate vehicle access control by identifying employee vehicles and opening the gate for approved vehicles. There is no longer the need to stop at the gate to scan/swipe your access card while everyone else is waiting in line to do the same.

By automating this process there is less congestion during the morning and evening rush, and reduces the risks of collisions between vehicles and the gate. And, if like me, you live in an area where winters are cold, you'll appreciate not having to open your windows at 20 degrees below!

Tying automated vehicle access control to video surveillance

With Genetec Security Center, leveraging its LPR system AutoVu, it is possible to combine existing video surveillance and intercom functionality with automated vehicle access control to allow your security operators to interact remotely with unknown vehicles. This eliminates the need to have a guard stationed at each gate, and increases the security level of your premises, since your security team will be alerted as soon as these vehicles drive in front of your LPR cameras.

Security Center's event-to-action module then allows you to trigger a wide range of actions based on the read - send a notification, trigger an alarm, move PTZ cameras, etc. You can leverage video surveillance to collect data about vehicles accessing your premises, such as the vehicle's condition as it came in and left. This is great for organizations with frequent vehicle damage claims.

We've recently released Security Center 5.2, which included new AutoVu LPR event types. This has greatly simplified the deployment of a LPR-based automatic vehicle access control solution.

We are demonstrating this live at IPI in Fort Lauderdale this week. If you are there, visit us at booth #604!

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