Bandwidth optimization white paper

Decreasing Networking and Storage Costs of Your IP Video Surveillance System.

Bandwidth white PaperAdvances in technology have given us improvements in more ways than we can count.  In security, this includes having IP-based systems that allow for increased scalability and flexibility and vastly superior video quality that assists law enforcement in analysis and decision-making.  To capitalize on these advancements, we're collecting, moving, and storing more data than ever before.

If you are the security or storage director, then you know that storage overruns are a very real concern. Few organizations, however, have the luxury of unlimited budgets or networks, especially as IP network resources are increasingly being used for both security and business operations.  For you, network and storage overruns are a very real concern.  It's paramount that your organization, regardless of its size, ensures the reliability of its system and protects its investment.

Today, you have to manage data effectively and, at the same time, be prepared to incorporate all the new technological advancements that are sure to come. This white paper discusses several ways that organizations can optimize and future-proof their systems, including: 

  • Video stream transmission
  • Advantages of multi-streaming
  • Video caching
  • Video trickling
  • Motion boost recording
  • Cloud archiving

The white paper also outlines how Omnicast helps you get the most from your investment by allowing for better video stream management and significant cost savings on bandwidth usage and storage.

Click here to download the full white paper.


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