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Doing away with parking dread by using pay-by plate at events

Seeing a live game or show is something I enjoy doing with my family on occasion. But it always starts with: "We better get there early, because parking is probably going to be difficult." Days before, we are anticipating the worst-possible parking scenario: no free spots left and an endless wait to pay for venue-designated lots.

The solution? License-plate enabled parking, or LEP

Event ParkingIn a large venue setting, LEP can consist of guests being able to go online and pre-pay for parking using their vehicle license plate as their pass. On the day of the event, drivers can go to a designated lane, where a strategically-placed license plate recognition (LPR) camera will read their vehicle plate, compare it to a list of pre-paid license plates, and let them in.

LEP is automated, cost-efficient and guest-friendly

LEP means far less manned attendants standing around with handhelds processing payments for hours and cars wrapped around the block. Once a guest has pre-paid, gate barriers will recognize the plate and let them park; it's seconds per car, not minutes. Venues can also offer better VIP treatment by allowing guests to pre-register for premium parking.

LEP improves venue operations

Getting more people out of their car and into a venue means...

A better guest experience - The experience starts before any guest gets out of their car. And nobody likes waiting. So why not give guests another option instead of the dreaded pay-at-entrance wait? Pre-paying for parking with their license plate number is like giving them an admissible cheat sheet. There will be smiles and relief all around.

More concession revenues - What would guests do instead of sitting in their car? Personally, my wife and I would be getting corn dogs and drinks, while my kids would be begging for one of those giant foam hands or other sports paraphernalia. Every minute wasted in the car could mean thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

Less car pollution - Having less people idling in a car while they wait to pay for parking means less car exhaust polluting the air we breathe. Promoting the new easy parking option as a venue's next best green initiative could also help spread the word.

LEP is not just for venues. Cities, malls and universities have also experienced the advantages of moving to a pay-by-plate model. Learn more about LEP and Pay-by-Plate applications.