New ways of using ALPR

AutoVu SharpVHave you ever gotten stuck at a parking gate or garage because your key fob won’t work? Or, you are waiting behind someone who can’t find their badge? Those days will soon be gone. License plates can now be added as credentials within access control systems, offering businesses and residential buildings the ability to streamline vehicle entry.

A simpler parking process with ALPR

Simplified parking begins by installing cameras at a parking lot entrance and exit. As soon as someone pulls up to a garage at an apartment building or drives up to a gated lot, the AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera will scan the license plate. The PoE-enabled appliance then verifies the credentials and permissions, and (once approved), lets them in. From the security room, the operator receives video of the vehicle, cardholder credentials and their picture.

Although the process is identical to swiping a card to access a door, the execution is smooth and effortless. On the back-end, all credentials are kept in one place, making it easy for operators to update or revoke cardholder permissions at any time through the same access control system that manages the other doors.

Intercom at the door

Adding intercom at the gate further simplifies the process for operators. If a visitor approaches the residential parking garage or office parking lot, the operator can immediately start a conversation with the visitor from Security Center, all while seeing the visitor through associated video. Within seconds, they can identify the individual, and grant or deny access to the site, and even provide instructions for checking in at reception.

It's all coming together

The security coverage is ever-expanding, and using license plates as access control credentials is a sure sign of that. Whether office parking lots or residential parking, an ALPR system encourages a smoother parking process for employees and guests, and an easier way to manage site security.

By understanding what's actually happening in your environment, you can improve staffing, develop better procedures, provide better service and reduce your organization's liability.

To learn more more about the AutoVu SharpV camera and it's applications, download our datasheet.


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