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Solving the data deluge

Security Center Maximizes Performance of BCDVideo Gen9 Servers

BCDVideo Nova Series Servers

Last year, 566 petabytes of data were produced in a single day by all the new video surveillance cameras installed in the world. A recent report by IHS Inc. forecasts that that number will reach over 2,500 petabytes in 2019. Projected growth in developing regions was one of the main reasons cited for the “data deluge” but as the report states, and as our experiences with our clients have shown us, there’s more:

  1. Customers are seeking high resolution 1080p video devices, which are becoming more affordable
  2. Panoramic, multi-sensor and 4K cameras are increasing in popularity
  3. New federal and corporate legislations are mandating longer video retention periods 

So where does this leave clients? Most of the time, wondering how to affordably manage all the incoming data without exponentially increasing their hardware infrastructure.

As a leading security solution provider, solving this problem excites us. Years prior, when we partnered with BCDVideo to resell some of their state-of-the-art servers, we jointly committed to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. To address this challenge, our engineers came together to optimize the capabilities of our unified security platform, Genetec™ Security Center and BCDVideo Nova Series Servers. We used, verified and tested reference architectures to achieve the highest archiving performance possible, relieving our customers of these complexities. The result is something that both companies are proud to offer our clients today:

With Security Center, the Nova Series BCD215 2U server is able to achieve a total throughput of 750 Mbps, and is capable of supporting up to 500 cameras and/or 500Mpbs in continuous recording, while providing an additional 250 Mbps dedicated for video redirection. With a 10Gbe network card onboard, the same server can achieve a total throughput of 1900 Mbps, and support up to 700 cameras and/or 1300Mbps in continuous recording, and provide an additional 600Mbps dedicated for video redirection. When paired with high-end direct or networked attached storage servers, these high-performance archivers are ideal for enterprise-level video surveillance deployments.

According to Jeff Burgess, President and CEO at BCDVideo, “No other company on the market has been able to match these levels of performance with our newest generation of servers. In fact, no one has even come close. Genetec™ Security Center is such a robust and scalable platform, and that has made all the difference. Combined, our solutions are built to endure the lifespan of any system.”

BCDVideo Nova Series ServersSuch power and performance allows customers to do more with fewer servers, and subsequently reduce costs. Using fewer servers also means customers can free-up valuable rack space, and save on costs related to ongoing maintenance, as well as powering and cooling the servers.

“Genetec™ has the same innovative, forward-thinking mentality as we do at BCDVideo, and we take great pride in the working relationship we have with them. That transcends to our customers, who can exploit the full performance and capabilities of our technologies to achieve unmatched scalability and reliability, for years to come,” said Burgess.

To learn more about the Nova Series BCD215 2U server which has been optimized for Security Center, read more on our website, or download our specification sheet.