The role of the IoT in security


The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be on everyone's mind these days. You have probably noticed that hardly a week goes by before there's another story about it in the news. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these stories are negative. Discussions of the IoT are frequently raised in relation to criminal cyber-activity and hacking. And, while there can be a connection, this is only part of the story. And it does not have to continue.

As the interconnection of systems and devices over the internet, the IoT can help us to better control our environments, increase the efficiency of our networks and improve our understanding of the world. In the security sector, for example, connecting systems and devices to the IoT means that security personnel can call up live-feed video of a door breach, collect information about customer behavior in retail and control parking gates remotely. 

IoTWithout proper attention, however, these connected systems and devices can also provide cyber-criminals with the opportunity to gain access to a network and everything it contains, including sensitive and/or private information. So, how can we continue to enjoy all the benefits associated with the IoT and protect our systems, data, and information at the same time?

Protecting your network and devices

The first step we can all take to protect our systems and networks is to set new or change default passwords for any device connected to the IoT. At an organizational level, establishing corporate policies around passwords, as well as other protocols and procedures on cybersecurity, can go a long way in protecting sensitive information. In addition, purchasing devices that have mandatory password changes on set-up help protect your system. It also demonstrates that a vendor is taking security seriously and is building it into the products and services they provide.

From our perspective, Genetec is committed to creating solutions that focus on all aspects of security, including cybersecurity, at every phase of development. And, by keeping a keen eye on the industry as well as on IT best practices, we can proactively prepare for new security challenges, like the IoT, as they arise. 

To find out more about how to protect the security of your security system, visit our Cybersecurity Response Center.  


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