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Every physical security project is different. Sometimes all that is required is the addition of a few high-resolution cameras while other times the project scope involves implementing a new and unified IP-based video surveillance and access control system, while factoring in building restrictions, existing infrastructures, mandated corporate policies and some custom development. In other words, some projects can be more challenging than others.

Genetec Project Management Resources

That's why having a single point of contact within GenetecTM to liaise with other departments and coordinate various phases of implementation can help. It is not uncommon for our larger customers and their GenetecTM certified integrators to request a GenetecTM project manager. This is an option available under our professional services portfolio, which aim to ensure timely and hassle-free installations.

Our dedicated project managers are highly-skilled and organized individuals, which upon request, work with an integrator's team to make sure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Let us focus on the delivery of our solution so that you can focus on your customers:

  • Streamline communication through one single point of contact, avoiding delays and miscommunication
  • Leverage our PM's custom deployment experience to mitigate risk to scope, budget and schedule
  • Manage project complexity efficiently to minimize impact on associated costs
  • Assign appropriate, experienced resources to specific deployment deliverables to improve deployment speed
  • Provide detailed project and deployment documentation
  • Facilitate communication between Genetec, System Integrators, and third parties on projects involving complex integrations

The best part about having a dedicated GenetecTM project manager is that when questions arise, the answers are just one person away. Want to learn about other GenetecTM professional services? Read more.


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