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How to strengthen your cybersecurity posture with cloud services

Cybersecurity is on all of our minds. Every other day, it seems like there’s news of another attack. As more organizations struggle to keep up with the onslaught of new threats, many are asking: “What can we do to strengthen our cybersecurity posture?”

It’s not a simple answer. One way to do so is to add multiple layers of security to reinforce confidentiality, integrity, and availability. However, keeping your systems safe from threats can be costly and complex. To do it alone, and do it well, businesses must have dedicated resources and large budgets.

Cost is one of the main reasons why more and more companies are opening their closed networks and connecting their on-premises system to cloud services. While some still believe that connecting to a cloud-based application puts corporate data and systems at risk, others have an entirely different viewpoint—it’s a way to keep their on-premises system more secure. Here’s why:

Cloud Computing

1. It’s easier to get system updates and patches - Vendors usually identify vulnerabilities and bug fixes in software version updates. But, updating software is time-consuming, and it’s a task that often falls through the cracks until something major happens. When using cloud services, the cloud service provider is responsible for the updates. This helps to ensure that your systems remain protected against known vulnerabilities.

2. You’ll always know your system’s health status - Receiving an alert when a camera goes offline or when there’s a server failure could help you avoid potential threats. Cloud services can automate this task by immediately sending you an email or text to let you know that a system vulnerability has been identified. You can then securely log in to the system to investigate the issue and take corrective measures. This helps to keep your systems secure and working at peak efficiency.

3. You can outsource risks and costs to providers - Keeping pace with threats requires expertise and capital. Cloud providers use economies of scale to enhance their operations and provide high levels of security for their shared infrastructure. They take the burden of the risk of threats, investing money, time and resources to build and maintain highly-secure cloud platforms that benefit millions of customers. As a client, you get access to multiple layers of security for the utmost protection.

What have you done lately to enhance your cybersecurity posture? If you’re looking for more tips, browse our Cybersecurity Response Center.