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NEXTDC enhances visitor experience and improves operations with Security Center Federation


NEXTDC wanted to create a frictionless customer experience and make their operations more cost-effective without compromising the security of their data centers. The company wanted a unified management platform that would provide visibility across their network and integration with key systems.

NEXTDC was founded in 2010 in Brisbane, Australia, with the vision of becoming the country’s leading data center service provider. Today, they operate nine data centers offering service and access to over 1,100 customers nationwide.

Their partner ecosystem includes world-class technology providers in security, telecommunications, infrastructure, platform, and cloud services, which enable them to power, connect, and secure customers 100% of the time. By focusing on security operations and delivering a fluid customer experience, NEXTDC has become one of Australia’s most trusted independent data center service providers.

The company

Initially, NEXTDC implemented access control and video surveillance management in every one of their nine data centers using Genetec™ Security Center to ensure the security of their facilities. They soon realized that they could also use their physical security system to enhance customer service and make their operations more cost-effective.

In order to improve service for both customers and partners, NEXTDC knew they needed to expand their unified management platform to be able to provide visibility across their network and integration with key systems, including intercoms and customer request management.

The challenge

“We now have the visibility and control we need to confidently protect against and prevent security breaches, ensure a secure environment, and provide exemplary customer support and service.”

George Dionisopoulos, Head of Security and Customer Service, NEXTDC


NEXTDC chose the Security Center Federation™ feature to enhance visitor experience and improve operations without compromising security measures or access protocols. Federation integrates information from the company’s security systems with their customer and partner request ticket management system. For NEXTDC, the resulting increase in visibility and control across all nine data centers has led to improved security and reduced response times.

With Federation, the company now seamlessly manages all of their physical security solutions across its entire network. And, because the platform allows access points, cameras, intercoms, and other systems to be controlled remotely, the customer service team at NEXTDC team is able to provide visitors with exceptional service regardless of their location.

The solution

Centralize control of sites

The Federation feature allows NEXTDC to centrally manage physical security, including cameras, access control, video analytics, and intercom, across its entire network of nine data centers.

Unified platform

Using Security Center and Federation, NEXTDC was able to avoid duplication and consolidate multiple security procedures, including customer request management, into one platform.

Improving visitor experience

With Federation, the customer service team at NEXTDC can select and control access points, cameras, intercoms, and other systems remotely to assist visitors in any location.

Streamline operations

NEXTDC uses Genetec solutions to automate security procedures, resulting in improved productivity and ROI as personnel can focus on more proactive customer initiatives.

Security Center Federation