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Parking Services at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse | Genetec


The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse (UWL) is a leading comprehensive four-year institution in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States. UWL recently installed AutoVu™ Managed Services (AMS), a cloud-hosted parking enforcement solution, to better enforce lots and improve parking services.

The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse (UWL) is a leading comprehensive four-year institution located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States. Established in 1909, UWL caters to over 10,000 students and employs over 500 academic staff. The university knows that providing excellent customer service helps them rank among the top schools in the State. It’s why the parking services team at UWL always seeks to improve parking across the five-level garage and 18 lots. Total, they manage over 2800 spaces and over 3700 permits.

The company

While UWL used to issue decals and printed hangtags to students and staff, both options led to familiar problems. For example, the decals would not always stick to windshields. Furthermore, a one-permit-per-vehicle rule resulted in unnecessary tickets after students or staff would forget to move the permit to a secondary vehicle. Sometimes, those permits would end up in the wrong hands, either shared between students or sold. For parking staff, printing, issuing, and checking permits on foot was costly and time-consuming.

The challenge

“Thanks to the AutoVu system, we have better access to data. That helps us manage our lots more efficiently and helps us provide better service to customers. It’s win-win.”

Victor A. Hill, MPA, CAPP, Director of Parking and Transportation Services, UWL


By moving to a play-by-plate solution, the parking team felt confident that they could improve their level of service. With the help of their trusted advisors at PCS Mobile, UWL chose AutoVu Managed Services, the cloud-hosted parking enforcement service. The parking team enforces all commuter and resident lots using one vehicle equipped with the AutoVu system and two AutoVu SharpX cameras.

Since deploying the AutoVu ALPR system, UWL has written 150 fewer citations, issued 200 more permits, and increased revenue by 10% year-over-year. Event parking is also up 20% in revenues because the team knows that they have space. With ALPR data, the team continues to maximize parking lots and enhance service. For students and staff, there’s much relief knowing: ‘Your plate is your permit.’

The Solution

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

AMS offered the University a powerful and reliable ALPR system, without the hassle and costs of procuring servers, managing updates or handling fixes.

Better Data to Maximize Lot Usage

“The biggest thing we have been able to do is to sell more permits,” said Hill. In most lots, UWL has increased usage by 10-25%, allowing for more permitted and visitor parking.

Pay-by-Plate Leads to Savings

Without physical permits, UWL has saved up to $30,000 in labor and material. Customers can buy permits online using their license plates.

Fraud Detection Made Easier

With the ALPR system, there’s little room for errors and fraud. “Last year, we issued over 60 citations for fraud which accounted for about 25% of our citation revenue gain,” said Hill.

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