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Stones Gambling Hall Unifies Security and Surveillance


Stones Gambling Hall is a new premier card house in California. It comprises two licensed gaming establishments within one state-of-the-art facility. Today, the casino protects guests and assets by managing cameras and doors with the Security Center unified platform.

Located just outside Sacramento in Citrus Heights, California, Stones Gambling Hall is the first of its kind in the California gaming industry. This new premier card house is comprised of two licensed gaming establishments, namely the Tavern and the Saloon, within one state-of-the-art facility. Visitors to the casino are offered first-class card rooms for both blackjack and poker, as well as, many other exciting table games and a full-service bar and restaurant.

The company

At the start of the building’s refurbishment, management of Stones Gambling Hall set very high expectations for the quality of construction, architectural design, and general amenity. These high-quality standards extended to the selection and installation of its security system. While both video surveillance and access control systems were required, management wanted to eventually add a license plate recognition system to monitor vehicles coming into their parking garage.

The challenge

“Our team has a lot of ground to cover at all hours of the day, and Security Center has given us the ability to respond and see what happened at a moment’s notice.”

Elgen Turner, Security Director, Stones Gambling Hall


Today, the security team at Stones Gambling Hall uses the Security Center Omnicast™ system to manage close to 200 network cameras inside and outside of the two gaming establishments. The Security Center Synergis™ system is being used to control access to 25 doors which lead to the back-of-house areas. Choosing an open-architecture platform gave Stones the ability to select its preferred video devices, door hardware, and card technology.

According to Turner, “The deep level of integration between video surveillance and access control, and the extent of time-saving functionality within this unified platform, has been a tremendous help to our team. Having the ability to view video alongside cardholder credentials and pictures makes it easier for the team to see who is accessing which areas of the site and to quickly respond to access-denied events within the platform.”

The solution

Secure real-time monitoring

By deploying the system in a secure multicast environment, the response time of cameras and accuracy of PTZ controls is encrypted and incredibly fast.

The ease of mobile viewing

Management can view camera feeds or manage doors from their mobile devices using the Security Center mobile app. This helps them monitor incidents or verify jackpot wins from anywhere.

Simplified credential management

“The synchronization between Active Directory and Security Center is seamless and makes my job of managing all access control credentials easier,” said David Gray, IT Manager.

Efficient activity reporting

“The reporting functionality is a timesaver when trying to find out who accessed which areas, and in pulling daily event lists and bookmarks such as Title 31,” explained Turner.

Security Center Omnicast Synergis