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Webinar: How to reduce your risk and avoid GDPR penalties

June 4, 2018

Are you an IT or Corporate Security Manager that wants to reduce your risk when managing and sharing video? Then this webinar is for you! During this 45 minute webinar, we cover: - What the GDPR and ICO Data Protection Act mean for you - The challenges faced with legacy video management systems - How a digital evidence management system can help Contact us at clearanceteam@genetec.com or sign up for your free 45-day trial at https://store.clearance.network/ . Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 1:02 - The Road to Compliance 5:25 - Responding to Video Requests with GDPR 11:45 - Cost of Sharing Digital Evidence 19:10 - Case Study: Dacorum Council 25:52 - What to Look for in a DEMS 27:16 - How to Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity 29:55 - Upload and Edit Video 31:24 - Share Video for Investigations 34:52 - Map Searches 37:08 - Case Study: Decorum Council (continued) 39:18 - Key Points for GDPR 41:34 - Microsoft Azure 42:27 - Genetec at a Glance 42:56 - Summary

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