Celebrating 20 years of innovation

June 2, 2017

What do you remember about 1997? Some might recall that tech giant, Microsoft, became the world's most valuable company. Others may flash back to the first release of Grand Theft Auto. 20th Anniversary

But did you know that that same year, a team of eight engineers developed one of the first IP video surveillance systems? It made an impact in the security industry by empowering users with more flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. It was the beginning of Genetec.

Fast forward 20 years, so much has changed.

  • At Genetec, we've connected systems across sites, and unified video, access control and automatic license plate recognition in one platform. 
  • Today, 13,000 companies and counting have deployed our solutions. Beyond security, some of these end users are getting even greater value from our software by unlocking actionable insights into their day-to-day operations. 
  • Our team is now verging on 1000 employees. With offices in Montreal, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Dusseldorf, Paris, Dubai, and Singapore, we're serving partners and customers across six continents. 

After two decades, a lot has stayed the same.

  • At Genetec, we're focused on delivering solutions that help our customers better understand, protect and enhance the world around them. 
  • Innovation is at the core of everything we do. By remaining creative and innovative, we're able to build connected, resilient solutions and use new technologies such as the cloud to make them more accessible.
  • We collaborate with our customers and partners. It's the conversations we have with banks, schools, stores, cities, airports, and other businesses that inform and inspire us to push boundaries and break new technological barriers.
Pierre- 20th Anniversary

Want to know a fun fact about Genetec?

From day one, we've called ourselves the 'Wrecking Crew'. This internal team name was inspired by the Pablo Picasso quote: 'Every act of creation starts by an act of destruction.' According to our CEO, Pierre Racz, "During the research and development phase of our solutions, it sends the message to everyone that it's okay to break things, as long as we build something better to replace it."

What do the next 20 years of innovation look like? 

It's impossible to predict. But here's what we do know- the rate of change will only increase. To help our customers adapt, we'll continue delivering solutions that move people and businesses forward. And no matter how the world evolves, our commitment will always be to protect the everyday.

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