Different ways to integrate with Security Center

December 25, 2009 Jonathan Doyon

Security Center is a unified platform that merges seamlessly access control and video surveillance. Like Omnicast this platform is extensible through different API and plug-ins.

XMAL maps

The map engine in Security Center is very powerful, it's build on top of Microsoft .NET WPF and XAML. You can create and compile your own maps using Microsoft Expression Blend. The map designer can easily drag and drop devices such as cameras, door, zone, areas on a floor plan.

XMAL is very flexible; application developers can integrate almost anything in the security desk; from a browser base system to complex applications. WPF and XMAL offers built-in support for transparencies, multi-layers, 3D, animations and it's all offloaded to the Graphic card.

Some features of the map engine:

  • Vectorial maps that resizes automatically
  • Real-time status and updates
  • Infinite number of layers
  • Maps are automatically downloaded to client workstations
  • Support most graphical format as input
  • View all cardholders in a particular area
  • Camera preview on mouse over
  • Picture popup on a door
  • Lock / Unlock doors or gate
  • Acknowledge Alarms
  • Display Procedures
  • Display a web site
  • Google Earth
  • Microsoft Bing / Virtual Earth
  • And a lot more...
  • Macros written in C#

The macros under Security Center are flexible and easy to develop. You can now write and debug your macros directly in Visual Studio. Instead of VBScript or JavaScript as for Omnicast, macros under Security Center are now developed in C#. It's much more powerful and easier. As usual Macro can be started on specific events, on schedules or on user request.

It's very common that we use macros to link Security Center with another product.

Here are just a few examples of macros than have been developed:

  • Shutdown lights when the last person leaves an area.
  • Arm the alarm panel automatically on the last person out.
  • Synchronized Card holder with an HR Database.

Security Center SDK

The Security Center SDK is a .NET client SDK that enables applications developers to integrate Security Center's functions in their application. It supports access control and video features. In Security Center 3.0 and 4.0 the video SDK is the standard Omnicast SDK. In version 5.0, the video SDK will be entirely written in .NET and supports a lot of new functionalities.

Video Device Integration

Since the video core of Security Center is Omnicast, it's possible to integrate new video devices in Security Center using the Genetec Protocol. In fact, any device implementing the Genetec Protocol is automatically supported in Security Center.

Happy Holidays!

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