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IP video surveillance system at Lemay Car Museum


LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM) in the United States is home to one of the largest museum car collections in the nation. Today, the security team uses the Omnicast video system to protect their multi-million-dollar fleet and improve the visitor experience.

LeMay - America's Car Museum (ACM) is a four-story museum in Tacoma, Washington, United States. The ACM houses just under 300 vehicles at any given time across its 165,000 square-foot space. After purchasing tickets, guests can roam the museum floors, visit the gift shops or restoration shops, and dine in the café. The campus also features a massive three acre show field which is used to host various events from auctions to car club events.

The company

ACM’s security team is tasked with keeping watch over it all. While the team’s primary responsibility is to secure the multi-million-dollar collection of rare and vintage car, they must also ensure that guests always feel welcome and safe and that operations run smoothly. Sometimes this means making sure caterers or other teams can freely move around the property to set up events or curate special exhibitions, while still maintaining the highest levels of security.

The challenge

“The Omnicast system has met all our needs, especially as a solution that can grow with us. It gives us the opportunity to upgrade to new technology over time, as more funding becomes available.”

Paul E. Miller, Vice President and COO


Using the Omnicast video system, operators now work around the clock from an open six-monitor station located just beyond ticketing. From the start of the tour, visitors become aware that they are in a secure and monitored facility. Numerous cameras target the car collection, giving the team clear visibility of guests and their proximity to each row of cars. The team monitors live video feeds but also quickly reviews recorded video when incidents arise.

Beyond securing the car collection, ACM has been able to improve guest services and personnel management. According to Jeff Gordner, Facilities Manager at ACM, "We have found that [the Omnicast video system] has really been helpful in managing operations. Differing opinions of events or interactions can be easily resolved. Using the video surveillance system, we are able to see what happened, how events unfolded, and address the situation appropriately.”