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Troubleshooting your video archiver

Have you received an Archiving queue full or Archiver low on resources warning? This message could be a result of disk storage speed, network card performance, total RAM and CPU usage of the server and Archiver, or a problem with the Archiver database.

How to fix the issue

The Archiver relies on the performance of multiple components to ensure a smooth archiving process. Luckily, getting to the root of the issue isn’t difficult. Below are some quick and easy solutions you can try:

  • Disable the disk indexing in Windows for all recording drives and make sure the drives aren’t full
  • Update the network card driver to the latest version from the manufacturer's web site
  • Make sure that the server specifications exceed the minimum requirements indicated in the Server Requirements guide for Security Center
  • Check the Windows Event Viewer logs for any errors or warning messages related to SQL which might indicate a database issue

Need help?

None of the solutions did the trick?  Visit the TechDoc Hub for more details on troubleshooting the archiver or reach out to your Genetec Systems Integrator.