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What is Genetec Traffic Sense?

Connected vehicles and new traffic apps improve traffic flow and get commuters to their destinations faster. But with driver behaviors and traffic patterns constantly changing, keeping pace is challenging. By bringing together traditional traffic operations systems with security and incident response platforms, Genetec Traffic Sense breaks down silos and provides you with a complete picture of incidents as they happen, leading to faster response times and an enhanced driving experience. Learn more about Genetec Traffic Sense here Subscribe to the Genetec channel to stay up-to-date on the latest in security solutions Timestamps 0:00 - How transportation agencies can adapt 2:59 - Introduction to Genetec Security Center 4:07 - How Traffic Sense works in Security Center 4:42 - Travel Time module 6:36 - Dynamic Message Sign module 8:16 - Road weather information system 8:56 - Map task 9:35 - How to monitor and respond to incidents 11:02 - Back-end of Security Center 12:45 - Incident management module 17:05 - Software Development Kit #genetec #traffic #security #protecttheeveryday #physicalsecurity #trafficsense