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Talk of the Month – Airport Security

To learn more about security solutions in airports, visit Analytics expert Florian Matusek from Genetec met up with Niklas Kronberg, Security Manager at Angelholm Airport in Sweden and Nikolai Berglund from the Swedish security integrator IP Security. They discussed the security challenges for small airports and how intelligent systems can be utilized and how it can contribute to a secure and effective environment. The discussion also covers how the technology can contribute to a reduced risk of spreading Covid-19. Moderator is Lennart Alexandre, Publisher, AR Media International and Editor-in-Chief for Keeping passengers safe is always an airport’s number one priority, but the security challenges you face can change on a daily – even hourly – basis. It’s critical that your security system provides a full understanding of the entire facility. Subscribe to the Genetec channel to stay up-to-date on the latest in security solutions LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #Genetec #PhysicalSecurity #ProtectTheEveryday #Airport #COVID19 #Pandemic