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The security of your physical security systems

Getting the most out of your IP security systems by leveraging the cloud

Systems that are meant to protect people, assets and environments or enhance business operations are becoming a security issue for more and more companies. Anyone dealing with video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) will quickly realise:

The flow of data from these IP security systems is increasing dramatically - and with it the danger of cyber attacks. How can you as a CIO or security manager monitor all these data?  How can you react to attacks as quickly as possible in case of an emergency, and how can your reactions be automated?

Setting up the right security strategy requires a cloud platform with maximum resilience. A hardened security infrastructure that at the same time helps to comply with all data protection requirements.

  • As a CIO or security officer, how can you protect operational processes and physical security infrastructures more efficiently?
  • How can you ensure that your security infrastructure is adequately protected?
  • What opportunities does Genetec Security Center offer in conjunction with Azure?
  • How do you achieve full system access from mobile devices?

How do you benefit from the newest technologies in surveillance via cloud-systems, what can users learn?

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