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AutoVu Sharp cameras go green

Maximum coverage cameras in minimal waste packaging

With Earth Day a few days away, what better time to announce that the packaging of Security Center AutoVu™ hardware products will soon be 100% plastic-free?

As our company continues to grow, so do our sustainability efforts. To reduce waste, our supply chain team decided to rethink the packaging of our AutoVu SharpV and SharpX cameras. These cameras are normally delivered with plastic protective foam which is a bulky, storage consuming way to protect the products.

The team brought this issue to Mitchel-Lincoln, a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified supplier, to evaluate how our product packaging can become more environmentally friendly while remaining cost-efficient. Together, they agreed to completely abandon plastic foam and instead, switch to cardboard insulation made from 100% recycled paper. Unlike plastic foam, this new packaging can once again be recycled after reception of the products. 

From a cost perspective, cardboard is not only more affordable, but it also helps to reduce fixed overhead costs. By being foldable, cardboard provides more flexibility and requires less storage space in a warehouse. Check out the new packaging on the right!

The new packaging is planned to roll-out as early as June 2018. Moving forward, the supply chain team plans to review the packaging options for other products, while continuing current initiatives. At the moment, the team recycles all obsolete items including boxes, cables, hardware, and more.

To learn more about our line of AutoVu cameras, visit our webpage.