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How airports evolve 10-Year old security systems

In last week's blog, titled 3 Reasons Why Airports Rely on Security Center, I described why some of the world's regional and international airports rely on Security Center as their security platform. This week, I want to elaborate on system evolution and shed light on the features within Security Center that allow airports to easily evolve their security platform over the course of decades. 

1: Smooth System Upgrades - Airports have been running CCTV systems for years. As technology has evolved, so too have their needs. Many are still using analog systems, with a combination of hybrid and IP systems bought over time which they have implemented during airport expansions. Some have added standalone video monitoring stations, or have unified security and operational systems to maximize operator efficiency. Here are some examples of how upgrades are facilitated with GenetecTM

Airport Security
  • Most of the existing hardware and infrastructure can be kept, limiting forklift upgrades
  • Compatibility is ensured with existing products and all future cutting-edge systems from the market
  • Downtime during the migration is minimized 

2: Flexible System Scalability - Airports have aggressive and long-term expansion plans, sometimes spanning decades. This is coupled with frequent changes in operations that optimize the premises to improve passengers' journeys. The selected security management system must allow these changes to happen smoothly, one component at a time, with minimal system reconfiguration and with complete transparency for the operation and maintenance teams. To enable this, GenetecTM solutions offer a simple configuration interface, flexible architecture and support for the latest IT technologies and best practices. 

3: Support for the Latest Innovations - The pace at which GenetecTM develops and releases security innovations is always for the benefit of its customers. Some airports have had GenetecTM software for well over a decade and are still amongst the early adopters when new technologies and features are released onto the marker. Today, even their 10 year old GenetecTM systems allow them to: 

Share Your Thoughts on Airport Security

The transportation industry is constantly evolving. Advancements in technologies coupled with new regulations are encouraging the industry to tighten policies and adopt measures to better secure facilities. For instance, more airports are joining forces mass transit organizations and regional police departments to increase collaboration and enhance citywide security. GenetecTMFederationTM feature is helping to enable this collaboration. 

How do you see this industry evolving? What other system criteria do you think will become critical to airports and other transportation organizations? Share your thoughts below.