What's new in Omnicast 4.6

Here's a quick overview of the improvements included in Omnicast 4.6 released last week.

  • Synch. playback for exported files
  • Fail-over on Disk Failure
  • IGMP version 3
  • Edge recording support through Genetec Protocol
  • Various improvements in the camera integration

Synchronous playback of exported .g64 files

It's now possible to play multiple g64 files synchronously, there's a new option to synchronize all tiles, play and pause all tiles.

Advance Disk array failure detection

Many recording fail-over on the market today will only take over if the entire machine is down. In consequence, some system might have only 15 days or recording instead of 30 days.

The Omnicast fail-over Archiver can now take over automatically if the system detects a failure on 1 or more disks. When this option is enabled, the Archiver will disconnect following a Disk(s) full or Cannot write to any drive event, in consequence the secondary Archiver will take over. The primary Archiver will re-evaluate the disk status every 30 seconds and reconnect once a disk becomes available.

SSM and IGMP v3 support

Because it's hard to route and manage efficiently multicast requests with Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) v2, it's limited in scale and very hard to deploy in a large environment with many router layers.

Omnicast now supports Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) with IGMP version 3. In a Source-Specific Multicast network, multicast receivers shall provide the IP address of the multicast source and the group. In IGMP version 2, the multicast receivers do not provide the IP address of the multicast source.

Genetec Protocol Improvements

The Genetec protocol now supports edge recording. Partners with embedded storage can playback their video from the Omnicast Archive Player. We have currently working with a few partners to incorporate this in their Genetec Protocol implementation. We also improve the interface to support Dynamic Name system (DNS).

Axis Improvements

On top of the most recent cameras, Omnicast 4.6 supports the Axis P8221 IO module (Audio, Serial port, Input/outputs). With the most recent Axis firmware, Omnicast 4.6 can now receive an H.264 stream directly from the camera.

It's also possible to change the color palette of Axis Q1910 Thermal camera from the Config Tool.

Bosch H.264 support

H.264 streams are now supported for the following Bosch units using the Bosch or Generic Extension.

  • Autodome IP 100/200/300/500i
  • Dinion IP (0455/0495)
  • Flexidome IP (0455/0495)
  • Extreme IP (EX30/EX36/EX80/EX82/EX7)
  • VIP X1600/VIP X1600 XF
  • VideoJet X10/X20/X40
  • NBC-255-P

Optelecom-NKF Motion Detection

MPEG-4 software motion detection is now supported for the following Optelecom units using the Generic extension.

  • FD-22
  • BC-22
  • BC-22
  • BC-24


Omnicast now supports Audio out and H.264 for Panasonic units using the Panasonic extension. Auto Back Focus feature is now supported in the Live Viewer for the following Panasonic units:

  • WV-NP502
  • WV-NW502S
  • WV-NW484
  • WV-NW484S
  • DG-NW484
  • DG-NW484S

Sony Encoders

Coaxitron is now supported for fifth generation Sony encoders.

Sanyo H.264 support

H.264 streams are now supported on Sanyo units using the Generic extension.

Other video units

We also added support for various models under many other manufacturers. Please refer to the Genetec Technical Assistance Portal (GTAP) to find the list of supported models.

For more details on previous releases, you can refer to similar articles or to official the release notes available on the GTAP.

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