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There's a better way to manage security and privacy

Video surveillance is undeniably an effective way to secure any premises. This is why businesses and cities are upgrading to the latest video technologies and continually adding more cameras. Yet as more organizations rely on video to see what’s happening, common issues arise: 1) It becomes increasingly difficult for operators to keep an eye on everything, and 2) Citizens become more concerned about whether their privacy is at risk.

So how can businesses and cities effectively use video technology while appeasing operators’ and the public’s concerns? By deploying an advanced video analytics and privacy protection solution. Here’s why:

  1. Take quicker action – Using video analytics such as intrusion or object detection, operators can spot threats before they escalate into serious issues. For instance, users can be instantly notified if a briefcase is left somewhere or when an intruder tries to breach into a building’s perimeter. This keeps them focused on what matters most so they can respond quickly. 
  2. Protect individual privacy – Some people don’t mind video surveillance cameras, while others really value complete privacy. It’s why privacy laws are evolving. Governments are holding businesses more accountable for protecting citizens’ privacy. To adapt, organizations can use dynamic anonymization methods to blur out or completely mask people in a video frame. During an investigation, authorized operators can access the unobscured video. 
  3. Enhance system resiliency – With everything an operator has to do on a given day, keeping an eye on system failures drops to the bottom of their list. Too often, it’s only when searching for video that they find out a device is not functioning properly. Video analytics can notify a user as soon as a camera is being tampered with, or if its image quality has degraded over time. This ensures the system is fully optimized when it’s needed most.

How unification makes all the difference

The simple solution would be to integrate video analytics with an existing video surveillance system. But what if there was a better way? Choosing a video management system with advanced analytics built into its core has unique advantages, such as:

  • Work with one supplier from purchasing to support
  • Configure and maintain one single platform
  • Purchase one maintenance agreement
  • Train operators once on the unified solution
  • Ultimately, reduce costs and lessen headaches

Interested in unified video analytics?

One of the most exciting enhancements in the latest release of Security Center is that KiwiVision video analytics and privacy protection are now core modules of the platform. Get all the details by exploring the KiwiVision portfolio