Investigations on campus just got easier

August 3, 2017

If you had 25% more time, what would you do with it? According to Maxx Kidd, Associate Director of Technology at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Police Department, “Our team is saving 25% of time handling evidence, and that frees them up to do other tasks during investigations.” This was made possible with the implementation of a collaborative investigation management solution which allows them to close cases faster.

In most universities, managing and sharing evidence is time-consuming. It’s a step-by-step process handled by one investigator. To ensure chain of custody, they handle every step of the investigation - uploading, converting, and sharing files as needed. Over time, as evidence builds up, so do storage costs.

An investigation management solution saves investigators time by enabling collaboration. Since files are stored in the cloud, universities also reduce onsite storage. Here’s a little more about how UTA has been able to streamline its investigations:

1. Controlled access to evidence - Privileges are assigned to various users so that investigators remain in control. The system also provides audit trails, ensuring that the proper chain of custody is upheld.

2. Easy sharing with outside agencies - Sharing specific file formats with external agencies is easier. “Genetec Clearance automatically converts the files for us now, making all versions accessible in the case file,” said Kidd.

3. Simplified evidence searches - Every case can be tagged with keywords such as “theft”, “DWI”, or “library”. These keywords help officers quickly locate files without having to remember the case number.

There’s more to this story. Read the full case study to learn how UTA is leading the way in digital evidence management, and making its campus safer.


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