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How security technology in healthcare facilities is adapting

To learn more about security strategies in the healthcare industry, visit As the world has seemingly come to a standstill, healthcare organizations are busier than ever. New challenges have emerged, creating a greater need to leverage technology and find innovative solutions to meet the new demands. Technology solutions like Real-Time Location Services, People Counting/Occupancy Management, PPE inventory tracking, and thermal cameras are just a few of the ways that healthcare organizations are addressing their changing environments. Workplace violence, stressful conditions, and government regulations pose serious challenges for the healthcare industry. To protect patients and staff and to help meet compliance requirements, healthcare facilities need to adopt a comprehensive approach to physical security that allows their personnel to proactively respond to security issues while also simplifying day-to-day tasks. Subscribe to the Genetec channel to stay up-to-date on the latest in security solutions LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #Genetec #PhysicalSecurity #ProtectTheEveryday #Healthcare #Security #Hospital #Innovation