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Two-sided take on casino surveillance with Security Center

Casinos and gaming establishments have tricky environments to secure. These facilities are usually open to the public, at all hours of the day and night, and large sums of cash are carried across their floors by staff and patrons. Analyzing gaming behavior at tables and determining cases of internal theft keep surveillance teams alert, but most importantly, their job is to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. When customers are happy, they keep coming back.

While unified security investments can help enhance the effectiveness of surveillance teams, our Security Center platform is engineered to do more. Here are a few real-life examples of how Security Center is used by our casino customers for security and operational benefits.

Discreetly Handling Internal Theft Investigations at Casinos

Customer Gaming at Casino

With video linked to POS transactions, a surveillance operator can be alerted to suspicious register activity such as multiple 'comps' being issued within a specific time frame at a restaurant. Using a 'send task' feature, the operator can escalate the incident to the supervisor with associated video and metadata. The surveillance director can then discreetly put the employee on 'close watch', and launch a covert operation using camera blocking, restricting access to everyone else in the team. One click activates a tile recording feature that collects every morsel of evidence, from video to metadata. With satisfactory evidence, another click launches automatic storyboarding of the entire investigation. Various encryptions and watermarking help ensure the integrity of the data in the case.

Leveraging ALPR Data to Help Increase Casino Patronage

After installing the AutoVuTM ALPR system, a GenetecTM gaming customers began using ALPR data to track inbound customers based on the state registered to their license plate. When they realized a sudden and drastic decline from a specific zip code in the winter months, the casino looked into the issue. Soon after, they uncovered that a lot of the visitors were elderly patrons who were not willing to drive to the casino in snowy, slippery conditions. The customer decided to promote free bus trips to the casino, bringing happy customers back and capitalizing on the AutoVuTM ALPR data in a big way.

If you're interested in learning more about these applications and other innovative Security Center features,  explore our portfolio of solutions for gaming.