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Real-time monitoring with Plan Manager

To learn more: In this scenario, see how Security Center combined with Plan Manager can be used to monitor an incident in your facilities, from beginning to end. Plan Manager is a module of Security Center offering interactive and graphical mapping to better visualize and manage security environments. With the ability to dynamically navigate through facilities and oversee a greater number of cameras, doors, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras, intrusion, and other security applications, Plan Manager provides complete and real-time coverage from small to large multi-site environments. Subscribe to the Genetec channel to stay up-to-date on the latest in security solutions LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 0:27 - ArcGIS Mapping 1:37 - Visual Tracking 2:48 - Monitor Multiple Entities 5:00 - Create an Incident Report 6:07 - Outro #Genetec #PhysicalSecurity #ProtectTheEveryday