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Incident recording

Video Management Enhancements

Incident RecordingWelcome to our series on the enhancements we've made to Omnicast, our IP video management system, as part of the 5.3 release of Security Center.  This release focuses on operator efficiency and collaboration and includes key updates for investigation.  A big part of this, in relation to video management, are the advances made in the area of incident recording

It used to be that, when an internal or 3rd party stakeholder wanted video footage relating to a specific incident, security personnel were tasked with the cumbersome job of exporting individual files from every device that had recorded that incident. 

Now, with the incident recording feature in Security Center, security personnel are able to record video sequences from multiple cameras, storyboard them as a sequence, and export them as a single video clip.  This makes video management a lot easier and cuts down on time spent exporting files.  

Once the single clips are created, they can then easily be shared and viewed within the lightweight Genetec Video Player. And, because all recorded incidents are saved within Security Center, authorized operators can quickly retrieve them at any time. 

To see a demonstration of these enhancements to incident recording, check out this this instructional video

To find out about our other video management enhancements, including Video Export and Player enhancements as well as Cloud Archiving, check out our Security Center 5.3 page. You can also watch all of the videos in this series on the Genetec YouTube channel.