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The new Unified Web Client

At Genetec, our mobile offering doesn't end with mobile apps. In just a few weeks, we will be unveiling our new Unified Web Client with Security Center Mobile 3.0. This new client is unlike any other. For one, it is platform independent. You can run it within your Apple Safari, Android-compatible, and popular Windows browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome). For Linux users, we will also support the Opera web browser. If you're a fan of Android tablets or the BlackBerry Playbook, the Web Client is compatible with those too.

So what else is unique with Genetec's new unified Web Client. Here is a short list:

  • Platform-independent. Runs in web browsers for Apple, Windows, and Linux operating environments.
  • Nothing to download. No proprietary plugins, no ActiveX downloads required. One of the reasons we are platform independent.
  • Tablet Support. Supported on tablets such as Apple's iPad, Android-compatible devices, and the BlackBerry Playbook.
  • Task-based approach. Similar to the Security Center's Config Tool and Security Desk client applications. Dashboard with widgets, drag-and-drop functionality, and more.
  • Unified access control, video, LPR, intrusion, and more. Configure users, view video and control PTZ cameras, configure cardholders and credentials, manage LPR hotlists, etc.
  • Redefining third party unification at the web client. Genetec alarm reports and intrusion panel reports. More than access control, video, and LPR. The new Web Client, extends the reach with Genetec's video of unification.
  • Scalable. The Security Center Mobile Server manages mobile apps and the Web Client. Simply add more servers when you need to connect to hundreds of users or thousands of cameras.
  • Ideal for multi-tenant and hosted/centrally managed applications. Give access to your customers and avoid having to deploy thick clients everywhere. Add your custom logo right there with Genetec's.

The new unified web client will be on display at ISC West in Las Vegas from March 28 - 30 at Sands Expo, Booth 21061.

If you have any feedback or have other suggestions about what you would like to read more of on our blog, please drop us a comment.